Are you ready to host a screening of Say Ahh?  Great!

Dentists and Universities across the country have been leveraging Say Ahh in their communities to help spread awareness and educate the public on the oral-systemic link. We have seen some incredible screening events, both big and small, make a huge impact in helping spread the Complete Health movement.

Now it’s your turn.

We know hosting an event can seem like a lot of work, which is why we are here to support you 100% with our new Screening Kit. It’s an amazing opportunity for you and your team to bring patients, dentists and physicians together to talk about Complete Health and help spread the word. The best part is, when you sign up for our free screening kit you’ll get a step by step guide with everything you could possibly need to host an amazing screening event.

The Purpose and Outcomes to Say Ahh Events

A message from Dr. Heather Lucas National Director for Partners in Complete Health To My Fellow Complete Health Practitioners, You already know that you are a leader in the Complete Health Dentistry industry. But does your community know? Your patients know, but are they telling other people, people that could potentially be your patients?  Our team and even doctors fall off the bus occasionally and forget to ask for referrals.  Well, here is one way to get everyone back on the bus and in the right seat! There are many advantages to hosting a screening for this insightful documentary, whether you represent a:
  • Dental Practice
  • Medical Practice
  • Educational Institution
  • Association
It will let your patients know that you are on a mission to getting people healthier. For many of us, we have an important mission: Help get 20,000 Healthcare professionals educated on the Oral Systemic Link and 30 million people Healthier by the year 2020? That mission is our PURPOSE.

For Dental Practices:

The OUTCOMES you will experience from hosting Say Ahh screening events include:
  1. Meet and enroll new patients for your practice.
  2. Partner with Preventive MDs in the community for mutually beneficial referral and patient care opportunities.
  3. Strengthen your community of dentists who are or will want to become Leading Complete Health Dentists.
At each Say Ahh screening event, you can meet and register new patients for your practice. You can enroll and register them right there. Offers can be given to incentivize them to become a patient in your leading dental practice. A complete Hygiene Experience could be one of many things that you may want to offer your new patients. Inviting Medical and Dental Professionals to the event will allow you to spread the word about the Oral Systemic Link and the “why” behind the Complete Health Model.


For Medical Practices:

To be recognized in your community and amongst your peers as a Leader- well ahead of the Oral/Systemic Connection curve. For patient acquisition. To be that Physician that patients are asking for, one that understands that oral health can affect their overall health. Forge relationships with Dentists that want to refer to a Physician and work collaboratively to get their patients healthier. Have your Medical Practice and your referring Dental Practices work closely together through Nurses and Dental Hygienists communicating effectively, connecting the dots with shared patients’ overall health and oral health. Truly having a Proactive Practice and not a Reactive Clinic/Practice setting.


For Educational Institutions:

To pave the way for the new Complete Health Model that will become mainstream in the near future. To foster collaboration of interdisciplinary studies where no gap exists between Medicine and Dentistry. To create the real possibility for a new hope for overall “health” care. To have a more clear understanding of where our current Administration’s stance on Healthcare is and where it needs to be and know that you are the Authority in creating our future’s new Healthcare Providers. This is an awesome responsibility. This documentary demonstrates how important this is for our future and is especially true considering all of the changes occurring in how our Healthcare is being delivered. **The new bill HR 3590 will encourage and support the work of the Dental Hygienist that will allow them to take on a more active role in dental health care. In this section of the bill- there will be federal monies allocated to develop and expand the dental workforce.   Funding (60 million) will be devoted to education and Preventive Dentistry aimed at children.** A number of oral health education and surveillance programs will be funded to improve the public’s understanding of the importance of oral health and collect data on access to oral health services.   Teaching Institutions are the most important network of individuals that must come together collectively for the greater good of our Nation’s overall health.


For Associations:

To be the gold standard for Interdisciplinary Healthcare Authorities. To demonstrate to its’ members why there must be no disparity between Medicine and Dentistry if true overall health is what we want for our patients. By acting as the hub for bringing together Physicians and Dentists in an environment that is conducive for discussing the Oral/Systemic Link and creating a network for doctors to communicate with one another about treating their patients. See for more information on this vital subject.


So, what are you waiting for?

Get started today to plan your Say Ahh screening event. Utilize the Screening Tool Kit, and you will get an email with more information and get to schedule a complimentary phone call with me to help get you started. In addition to this, Partners in Complete Health Members receive an even more advanced screening kit and support! We will work with you to:
  • Identify the top influencers in your community and get them onboard
  • Support your team with the registration process and enrolling patients
  • Help with CE accreditation through PACE/AGD if eligible
  • Setup a game plan for your event during a free consultation with Dr. Heather Lucas, National Director of Partners In Complete Health
  • Pick the ideal time for your event based on your schedule and marketing needs.
  • Help you decide if you wish to us TUGG* or host your screening by utilizing only the kit we provide. *Tugg is an optional paid service that will take on more responsibility in helping you setup your event.
We will provide:
  • Customizable flyers and tickets
  • Tracking Spreadsheet for your team plus an optional incentive plan
  • Event poster
  • An online landing page so you can capture your registrations
  • 3 email reminders to your registrants
  • 1 Online press release
  • Copy of the film for your theater/event location
  • Discounted versions of the 12 minute Say Ahh lobby loop to give away at your screening
All the Best for your future endeavors, Dr. Heather Lucas National Director Partners In Complete Health