Recognizing Excellence in Complete Health

The Complete Health Certificate Program recognizes healthcare practices that are committed to promoting complete health every day, with every patient. Partners in Complete Health evaluates an individual medical and dental practice’s performance in areas that affect patient care and health.

The Complete Health Certificate Program provides a two-year recognition for practices that evaluate the oral systemic health of their patients. Partners in Complete Health validates processes that demonstrate to patients and the greater community a practice’s commitment to complete health.


Benefits of the Complete Health Certificate Program

The primary goal of the Complete Health Certificate Program is practice involvement, in practices across the country and beyond. Benchmarking performance against performance thresholds can assist practitioners in achieving specific improvement goals. The process of preparing for and completing the program’s requirements is likely to stimulate internal discussion regarding opportunities for practice improvement and the implementation of complete health verifications when evaluating each patient.

The benefits of having a Complete Health Certificate include:

  • Practice Involvement in Complete Health
  • A Demonstration of Commitment
  • Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness in Methodologies to Promote Complete Health
  • Public Trust and a Competitive Edge
  • Involvement in a large scale community of practitioners, each of whom is passionate and committed to being part of the 20,000 Educated Complete Healthcare Providers with the common goal of getting 30 million healthier by the year 2020
  • The privilege of displaying a framed document as proof of the Complete Health Certificate
  • Your practice location will be on our Map.

Who Can Apply?

Any healthcare practitioner who is in good standing with ADA or AMA may apply for his or her practice to receive the Complete Health Certificate. For purposes of the certificate program, a group of doctors registering as a single practice should have a common Tax ID number and business address.


Legal Notice: A “Complete Health Dental Certificate” indicates that the practitioner is committed to including methods, practices, and processes in the course of patient care that are consistent with best practices for systemic dental care. This certificate does not, in and of itself, authorize or qualify a person to practice dentistry, medicine, or to provide other health or wellness services.