1) Mindset Shift from Reactive to Preventive Care:

  Moving away from reacting to the daily whims and stresses of your patients’ “current” problems that they present with on a daily basis in your practice is OLD HAT. Shift your way of thinking and reacting to a Proactive Model. Imagine having your Team focused on the patient’s overall health and educating the patient on potential problems, which they encounter during their examination, thus prophylactically prescribing a solution to their situation before it gets bigger and more expensive. Everybody wins!  

2) Engagement of the Team:

  Imagine a well-oiled machine that runs your practice. A Team that knows emphatically their roles and responsibilities that will allow you to become the CEO of your practice. A Team that sets you up as the Healthcare Hero in the eyes of your patients and your community. Having a set of systems in place where everyone knows what is expected of them from setting goals and holding each other accountable for their roles. Stop micromanaging and become the Doctor you’ve always dreamt of being.  

3) Have a Patient-Centered Education System installed:

  Stop selling to your patients. Let your Team assist you in educating your patients about their treatment needs. Empowering your Team to carry out their responsibilities with the proper patient flow within the practice and knowing that when you enter the room all necessary steps have been carried out so that your patient understands what and why they need the treatment prescribed.  

4) Bale/ Doneen Preceptorship:

  This course will teach health care providers necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes. You will return to your practice equipped with the clinical tools to help implement what you’ve learned about optimal care and cardiovascular disease prevention. This course welcomes all medical providers (MD, DO, NP, PA, PharmD, etc) who are interested in learning about these preventive measures.   The Bale/Doneen Method was co-founded by Bradely Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and is designed to improve and save lives and is being integrated into practice by medical providers on a global basis. Have the confidence to understand this methodology and know that you will have a network to refer to for your patients to receive this type of preventive care.  

5) Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

  Have a network of health care providers that you can refer patients to receive the best in preventive care. Know what tests to order and what Red Flags you should be identifying on your Medical and Dental History Forms. Have the confidence to refer to an individual that is on the same page as you when it comes to your patient’s overall health. An individual that understands the Oral/Systemic Link and how we can better treat our patients with all disciplines, especially Medicine and Dentistry, being on the same page.  

6) Clinical Laboratory Testing:

  Have the confidence to prescribe and order the correct labs that will help unlock what is holding your patients back from achieving true complete health. Understand what tests you should have within your practice and also know what tests you should refer and why the patient needs them. Working together as the patient’s Health Care Team is the goal.  

7) Active Participant in the Complete Health Community:

  Be recognized as the Authority within your field of expertise. Share within a network of other like-minded individuals your work and commitment to Complete Health by actively participating in organizations that are geared towards the cause of getting people healthier. Joining these organizations will open many doors for you and help unlock your potential as a Leader within your community.   Host a Say Ahh documentary screening event for your community. This is how you spread your work and the work of others in the Complete Health arena. Invite patients and other health care providers that you would like to inspire to become your patients and/or work with to achieve the goal of creating 20,000 educated health care providers getting and 30 million people healthier by 2020!  

8) Community-Cause Based Engagement:

  Be a part of your community by teaming up with your favorite cause and sponsor a 10K run or health expo. Whatever you feel philanthropic towards, give back to your community. Reach out to other individuals that share your passion and have fun! It is so important to give back to the community. Not only will you develop new skills, but you will make new social connections, gain a new perspective, boost your esteem, grow as a person, and challenge yourself all while doing something positive for your community and others!!  

9) Solvency:

  By moving away from the Reactive Care approach to a more Proactive/Preventive approach, you will find yourself free from the burdens of the day-in day-out business stressors that can eventually run you down. This will free up your time to do the things you want to do with your family and it allows you to grow as a Leader and CEO of your business that will run itself and not run you!